Art Work

Caroline rubbing a utility cover in Tokyo When I'm not working illustrations and childrens' book writing, I like to work mostly in collage, chin-colle, and paper maché. Sometimes these works take the form of clothing made from paper rubbings of utility covers from the streets of the places where I've travelled. In the picture to the right, for example, I'm capturing a rubbing of a utility cover near the Senso-ji temple in the Asakusa area of Tokyo. (A grown woman on her hands and knees laboring over a manhole cover often causes by-standers to stand by and stare.)

Alcazar collage I also use paper fragments, also typically gathered on trips, to create collage works. These fragments might be from brochures, ticket stubs, napkins, maps, or other tourist material on paper. I used a lot of these fragments, collected in Spain in 2010, to create several works commemorating different cities there.

Buddy the paper maché dog In the past year or so, I've taken an interest in paper maché. Paper maché isn't a medium I'd used before, and I'm still learning a lot about working with armatures and soggy paper strips from my teacher, the wonderful Hank Mook. But the results so far have been satisfyingly hefty and tactile.